• Liz Hughes

The surprising benefits of Faith CBD Coconut Oil.

Updated: Jan 24

So much hype around Coconut Oil, this versatile product has so many uses. So impressive as a highly effective face and body moisturiser, coconut oil contains vitamin E, essential amino acids, lauric and caprylic acid which form part of the barrier function of your skin and help maintain your skin's natural flora. Did you know you can use our coconut oil for cooking at high temperatures, also speeds up your metabolism for extra joy!

This is a multi purpose 100% organic CBD product, its uses are endless. Lovely as an Indian Head Massage oil, coupled with CBD for total positive effects. Also a great skin irritation reliever, leaving your skin happy and calm. Coconut oil can be used everyday to bring your entire body back into balance.

Great for hair protection and hair damage, reduces protein loss from hair when applied before or after shampooing. Such a positive effect can not be ignored, use everyday as part of your CBD routine, the effects will be long lasting and effective.

Faith CBD Coconut Oil (unfractionated) has 250mg full spectrum CBD, the perfect amount to keep your mind and body calm and balanced. A large pot of Coconut and CBD goodness, it works hard to please you in so many ways, awesome product that will keep you happy knowing that you are using the very best products for your body and soul.

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